Foundation challenges

Design takes experimentations

Toying with paper or foam models

Until we've almost hit our breaking point

Projects Summary

A foundation studio challenges the techniques and attitudes for dealing with exploration, identification, prototyping, evaluation and communication of problems and solutions arising from the design of products. These issues would be broken down into delibrated designed projects, which includes the acquisition of skills appropriate to creativity; design sketching; design composition, prototyping, and disciplined work habits.

Here's Your Sign

First year studio is to build a solid foundation for further project development process, encourage students to achieve a skillful level of craftsmanship in the development. Here's a vacuum forming process.

Decoding Form with Foams

The purpose of foundation studio is to break down the elements or considerations involved in the innovation process, into relatively isolated topic for students to get start with. here's the topic of form transition.

Reducing 3D Form in a Product 1

This project is the basic step of 3-step Ideation Sketch Storming Workshop. Three steps of sketching storming has been designed and revised over the years based on interaction with students.

Reducing 3D Form in a Product 2

This project is still the 1st step of 3-step Ideation Sketching Storming Workshop. However we'll take it up a little further and this practice its self will be break down into three related practice.

A TV for Your Cat

As a fun project as it is, a Window Bird Feeder is the first comprehensive project which is required to a solution and a design thinking journey covering from ideation, prototyping, evaluation and branding.