Hi, my name is Yingying

Dozens of studies over the last few decades in the acadamic sciences tell us when you learn something with the intention to teach it later, you learn it more deeply.
From my personal experience, I do believe it is real that the best way of learning is teaching.
My design consultant’s work helped me to build a deeper understanding of a subject. However, Working with those young designers made me more accountable. The teaching part is a tall order that requires condensing the explanation and well-structured teaching plans. Anyone can make a subject complicated, but only someone who understands can make it simple.
My teaching experience pushes me to identify challenges and provide suggestions quickly to respond to the design directions young designers want to explore. They often raised great questions that made me explain a topic better every time. Most importantly, it provides an excellent way for me to find holes in my knowledge base quickly.
“Any time we venture to teach anything to Anyone, we are likely to learn more than those we teach. We gain the most by giving.”
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