Hi, my name is Yingying

I graduated from Zhejiang University in China a while ago and have been teaching Industrial Design since then. I’m not going to reveal in which year I graduated otherwise my age could become a simple math question. Since I’ve been telling people I’ve been 25 for many years, It’s better to keep that way.

Believe it or not, I made this website to save my students’ inbox. It’s been noted that my students received too many emails from me with the reference demonstration I made and other information and resources. In order to keep things organized and have a clean tracking record, seems it’s necessary to put them on some online platform. However, regular online-course platform often use a linear structure. Sadly, my mind simply can’t process that. So, here we are. I guess, when becoming a designer long enough, nonlinear thinking became one of my thing. So, here we are. It’s so flexible that my students and I could even conduct design survey here and reach out to more audiences while working on  projects.

Thank you for visiting! I’ll be one message away. Scroll all the way down, you’ll find the contact form.

Selected Design Works

Beyond this line, You might need to study Chinese first. sorry for the inconvenience. 

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