Project Description | 2013

Design of Power Bank

The design concept of this power bank is to provide users a gentle interface between objects with a high quality textile or wood. The Cap-ring mobile stand provides just the right lift and angles when used to face-time or watch videos. The power bank is wrapped in high quality PU leather with different patterns – jean or walnut wood – which provides a premium feel. Its compact design allows for easy portability and handling wherever you go.


This power bank has an integrated phone stand with multi-viewing angles, fitting with current social life and perfect for any occasion. Natural material were applied in order to apply premium textures and a comforting feel. the proportions and sizes were designed to fit the on-the-go style users.


To get a premium tactile feel, we tried experimenting with different fabrics. It became very challenging to bring textiles and plastic parts together seamlessly, because they all have different tolerance, tensile strength, and stress strain. Due to the limited space, the retractable structure of the embedded phone stand also needs a lot of effort and prototyping to make it work smoothly.