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Portfolio Page Layout

A clean, uncluttered design allows design works to stand out, which would be consider as the main goal of any portfolio. It explains not only what is your final solution, also shows viewers how you think.


Ultimately, a project portfolio page should be able to answer two questions–WHY you designed this and HOW you came to this solution. All the research on this page needs to be directly links to the final solutions.

All the research need to be summarized and presented by schematic diagram, which may include the research of market, existing solutions and associated short comings, literature and patent reviews. 

Document all team efforts, research methods and datas (interviews, brainstorming, subject and objective data collection techniques, data interpretation), prototyping process and iteration,  sketching, design evaluation, final solutions, user scenario and storyboarding.

keep things organized

gather all needed files in one place, create a folder for a project

Clear information structure

think of a clear order how to address your design proposal.

throw in some variety

sketches, a picture while you are prototyping, diagram, icons

create visual transitions

make a background transitions from one section to another

show how your think

add some short notes and picture with details explain the design thinking


Full Project

MoDi-smart sleep aid

Transforms the addictive quality of a smartphone into a beneficial element to promote a healthy sleep cycle.

Fizzics Redesign

Fizzics creates the perfect foam head on any beer, through their patent-pending fluid & gas technology.

Nano Delivery

This project proposes an alternative to the current food delivery market structure in China.

Ideation Sketches | Prototyping

Fruit & Vege Storage

Ethylene gas causes produce to ripen.

Handheld Mandolin

food slicing product

AK Genève

Random sketching on prospective designs

A Mobility Story

by Andrea Di Matteo


by Siddharth Sangwan

Accès transports viables

All about mobility​​​​​​​

Visual Transition | UX

Mileage Tracker

Automatic detection. One-swipe classification. Mileage logging has never been easier.

AR Virtual Fitness Coach

Help the combination of different apparatuses and bodybuilding goal for a fitness plan

UX design

Watch store concept, UX designers pay more attention on the transition of the content


Hot Dog Cart Redesign

Set out to modernize the design of food cart.

B&O UI concept

Digital product catalog of Bang & Olufsen

House of Marley

Create a mindfully crafted speakers.


A design of utility knife