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To Establish A Clear View of Any Complex Design Problem


Early in the development process, the design space is often widely constrained and open to a variety of solutions and paths forward. As a result, activities in the early part of the process are often a bit more vague or open to interpretation

Ideation Sketching is One of Means Which Are Suit for A Vague Start

Form 1

Investigative Sketches

loose and creative


Draw quick and loose, Use sketch to understand a problem, analyze structure and elements relevant to the project. 

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Form 2

Explorative Sketches

fleshed out and open to interpretation


Map out readable sketches. Generate and explore more to illustrate the more fleshed out ideas for  evaluating.


Form 3

Explanatory Sketches

clear and unambiguous


Create to explain context, interaction and functionality, often communicate a design in a clear and neutral manner.


Form 4

Persuasive Sketches

convey an emotion and carry a story


Goes further than explanatory ones, it was drawn to influence the audience, convey the character and sell a design. 


Ideation Sketch with Prototyping

One of the best ways to gain insights in a design process is to carry out some form of prototyping. It produce an early, inexpensive, and scaled down version of the product in order to reveal any problems with the current design.

Find more constraints | Set more assumptions | Make more design decisions | Focus more on detail

Prototype to Production


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