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Reducing 3D Form in a Product 2

This project is still the 1st step of 3-step Ideation Sketching Storming Workshop. However we’ll take it up a little further and this practice its self will be break down into three related practice.

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Here’s Your Sign

First year studio is to build a solid foundation for further project development process, encourage students to achieve a skillful level of craftsmanship in the development. Here’s a vacuum forming process.

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Decoding Form with Foams

The purpose of foundation studio is to break down the elements or considerations involved in the innovation process, into relatively isolated topic for students to get start with. here’s the topic of form transition.

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Poll-Window Birder Feeder

online DesignLab 2020 SPRING D105-003 First Year Studio II PROJECT SURVEY DROP US A LINE Win A Starbucks Gift Card Design Challenge Let’s Build A

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Portfolio Page Layout

keep things organized

gather all needed files in one place, create a folder for a project

Clear information structure

think of a clear order how to address your design proposal.

throw in some variety

sketches, a picture while you are prototyping, diagram, icons

create visual transitions

make a background transitions from one section to another

show how your think

add some short notes and picture with details explain the design thinking


Full Project

MoDi-smart sleep aid

Transforms the addictive quality of a smartphone into a beneficial element to promote a healthy sleep cycle.

Fizzics Redesign

Fizzics creates the perfect foam head on any beer, through their patent-pending fluid & gas technology.

Fruit & Vege Storage

Ethylene gas causes produce to ripen. Activated carbon absorbs this gas and dramatically slows down the process