Investigative Sketch

Aaron’s Treasure Box

When Aaron showed me his first studio project, I was impressed by the level of craftsmanship (I was not his studio class instructor and not familiar with the prompt, but foam core was the only material he’s allowed to use,  meanwhile he was also asked to incorporate a hinge into his design as the prompt stated.)

He made a plan on his sketchbook(on the top left). But when we sit down together and doodled down his thinking process, his design iteration process really demonstrated his ability of complex, sophisticated thinking, with the help of his verbal explanation. Here comes the question – How to use analytical sketches to facilitate this visual deliberation process?


Visual deliberation is to use visual aids to support deliberative processes such as debate and decision making. By “visual” I mean anything that can be, literally, seen. Mapping out the design iteration process that demonstrates Creativity, Critical Thought, and Logic.