Literature and Art

Literature and art are like

the air and water

that nurture inspiration

Only literature and art truly stand the test of time; everything else fades away.
How Literature and Art Can Support and Elevate Design Thinking
By drawing on the deep insights provided by literature and art, designers can craft experiences that are not only functional but also profoundly human.
This approach ensures that designs are empathetic, culturally aware, and rich in narrative, ultimately creating more meaningful and impactful connections with users.

The essential is invisible to the eyes

Emotional Connection

Connect with users on an emotional level
Foster empathy and enable designers to resonate with the audience
Literature fosters empathy by allowing readers to experience life from different perspectives. This empathy and understanding the user’s needs and emotions are crucial for user-centered design.
The Miho Museum in Japan draws inspiration from the story “Taohuayuanji,” which tells of a utopian paradise. Visitors experience a journey that mirrors this narrative: initially, their emotions are constrained as they pass through a long, dark tunnel. However, upon reaching the museum, the space opens up, symbolizing a release of emotions and a transition from suppression to liberation. This design creates a powerful emotional shift, reflecting the journey from confinement to the discovery of an idyllic sanctuary.
As the elevator ascends from underground at the exit of the 9/11 Museum, music begins to play, intentionally placing visitors in a still, reflective position. This combination of stillness, music, and the upward movement evokes deep emotions, symbolizing the nation’s resilience and rise from tragedy. It creates a moment of national reverence, allowing visitors to profoundly connect with the gravity of the events, the strength of the nation’s spirit, and how we as a nation overcome adversity.

Cultural Awareness

Understanding various forms of art and literature broadens cultural awareness. It is crucial for creating designs that are culturally relevant and inclusive.

A Golden Thread in the Narrative

Make It Enjoyable

Keep Storylines Visible

Learn from literature and art, where storytelling often features a golden thread or unifying theme that ties the entire narrative together. This golden thread makes the message clear and impactful. Remember to incorporate a golden thread in your design storytelling to ensure all parts are beautifully connected and the overall message is strong and clear.

La Collina, Japan

La Collina, a pastry shop in Japan, stands out with its ecological and responsible commitment showcased through its innovative green roof building design, becoming the transformative catalyst for development in that remote area.

Fietsen door het Water in Bokrijk_B18F_1

Cycling through Water, Belgium

'Cycling through Water' in Bokrijk is a unique cycling experience in which you cycle more than 200 meters through a pond. The bike path opened in April 2016 and since then many cyclists and hikers have felt the magic of this place.


The Pod_De Vorm,

Most upholstered is difficult to recycle as it’s a fixed combination of timber, glue, foam and textile. Pod tackles this by replacing the large upholstery with moulded felt created from recycled pet bottles. The stacking shell design minimizes carbon footprint in transportation and storage.


Mr. Pip, Pip Tompkin Design

Mr. Pip's Double Cross assembles into a beautiful and curious object, sparking conversations. The tessellating form reduces storage volume by 1/3 and has an iconic look at the point of sale. Rubber bands allow users to open packaging without damage at the point of sale.

the impact of art goes beyond words

Inspiration and Creativity

Inspire fresh design solutions
Literature and art are rich with symbolism and meaning, which can be translated into design to create deeper connections.
“If I had more time, I would have written you a shorter letter.” – Mark Twain
“It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple, to truly understand the underlying challenges and come up with elegant solutions.” – Steve Jobs

Communicate Without Words

Communication Skills

Enhance the ability to convey strong messages
Art employs visual elements to brings the design narrative to life in an impactful way.