Form Development Practice

Define a simple geometric shelled case and maintain the┬ásimilar volume during the process, follow each step to modify visual language. The goal is to create visual focal point under different circumstances and provide visual cue to users. Make sure the focal point has noticeable difference in visual weight that could hold user’s attention. Explore the visual language to communicate with target users, Learn to make conscious control during the form development.

Tip 1

Variety works through contrast, emphasis, or isolation. Unity creates cohesiveness by transition between the parts or stressing the similarities of separate but related parts or surfaces. Unity in variety is the most important aesthetic principle, which produces clear message to users by delivering unified visual language.

Tip 2

Make a mark to indicate mating lines, reveal or button on foam models, or sketch it out from multiple point of views, blowup details, cross section, exploded view and create four more variations.

Tip 3

Please DO NOT skip sketches even you feel compelled to build digital models to visualize the textures and colors. 3D modeling in its nature allows precise forms. Please keep a fuzzy front-end even it is just for form development, let your pen to guide the visualization process, layout the variations on paper, train your eyes to tell subtle difference among them.

In order to keep a certain level of sophistication, please use sketches or foam models to make a plan first, which in turn will challenge your 3D modeling skills. Otherwise, your thoughts might be limited by the software skills you had.