2020 SPRING | D105-003 First Year Studio II

Design Challenge

Let's Build a TV for Your Cat


1st Year Studio Project | Industrial Design

Challenge-Window Bird Feeder

Design a window bird feeder providing unrestricted viewing of wild birds from inches away. People could watch wildlife from the comfort of their home, office, or classroom, create memories with family and friends as it offers a crystal clear and close view of any wide birds.


  • Birds are the target users too
  • Provide a clear and close view to observers.
  • Being able to hold the feeder on any outdoor windows and installation needs to be simple.
  • Involving several prototyping¬†activities in the development process as a part of the condition.
  • Launching¬†2nd life¬†campaign to encourage the reuse of current product is permitted, however solution need to be elegant and viable to business
  • Hold at least 1 cup and be able to refill (or easy to refill)
  • Keep seed dry and safe. (Drainage issues)

Challenge Journey

due on 02/14/2020

due on 02/21/2020

due on 02/21/2020

due on 03/20/2020

due on 03/27/2020

Kick-off on 04/01/2020

we promise, it's not April FOOLS day

due on 04/10/2020

due on 04/13/2020

1. Research

research with rough prototyping and document every step of the way

2. Ideation

first review on 02/21

3. Refinement after First review

move forward faster if you take a look back

4. prototyping

5. branding-online single post page

6. poll open

get input from target users

NO.1 89%
NO.2 61%
NO.3 71%
... 50%
NO.17 85%

6. refinement

7. final evaluation

Current Phase

Project Kick-off Starts in