1st Year Studio Project | Industrial Design

Here’s Your Sign

First year studio is to build a solid foundation for further project development process, encourage students to achieve a skillful level of craftsmanship in the development. Here's a vacuum forming process.



There is two reasons why this project is designed. the first reason is that would be used as a name or symbol while displaying homeworks. the second is to prepare students for the Window Bird Feeder project later on.

  • This illustration below explains how to vacuum forming works. ┬ábeing able to identify the difference of requirement between cavity mold and plug mold.


This is a project warm-up that teaches students how the vacuum forming process works. Each student would make a name plate or a short phrase that allows them to be creative and use their imagination. This sign will be used to as a name tag while displaying homework.┬áThis vacuum forming practice is also a preparation work for Window Bird Feeder. *check the third link above to request a FREE injection molding aid, it’s very well designed learning tool.

  • be-identifiable
  • supposed to be easy to mount
  • Be aware of the changes of thickness and strength during the process
  • Trim, polish the edge to finalize
  • be perfectionism
  • document them every step of the away