Module 1


This principle of tensegrity or tensional integrity, is based on the combination of tensions and compressions to generate mechanical stability. In a 10” cubical space, create a 3D self-standing composition, it has a set of solid and planar elements floating in the space and they are held in space by balance of linear elements (strings). The interrelationship of the elements creates visual and mechanical balance, also bring surprise, such as anti-gravity, impossible structure, levitating to viewers.


The goal is to Understand the balance of solid-void composition, Explore the structural stability of the composition, Develop a good craftmanship.


Tensegrity is an elision of ‘tension + integrity’. Buckminster Fuller, building on the highly original sculptures of Kenneth Snelson, coined the term, to indicate that the integrity of the structure derived from the balance of tension members,
Tensegrity structure is a structure resulting from the relationship between discontinuous elements in a state of compression and continuous elements in a state of tension, in such a way that the discontinuous components do not touch each other.


Element of surprise


By GOODO Design + PLANCUT Studio