1st Year Studio Project | Industrial Design

Reducing 3D Form in a Product 2

This project is still the 1st step of 3-step Ideation Sketching Storming Workshop. However we'll take it up a little further and this practice its self will be break down into three related practice.



Inspiration is everywhere — from the words of your favorite writer to the blooms and leaves on your morning walk. You just need to open your eyes, and breathe it in. As for those future designer, train your eye to capture the subtle beauty of rhythm, visual balance and being able to intemperate it in different context.


2 Steps

3D Forms and Edges in Wire 1.0

Using reductive vision, design a wire “edge” sculpture that communicates a selected object in 3D. The goal of this exercise is to carefully study the edges that bound the surfaces of the object, then use continuous wire to accurately and minimally “model” these forms in 3D. The sculpture must:

  • be identifiable
  • be geometrically defined
  • have well-defined edges.
  • incorporate 3D spline edges

3D Forms and Edges in Blue Foam 2.0

Based on the form study experience from 1.0,  step 2 is to construct a simplified 3D interpretation that captures this same object’s visual essence and proportions. Develop the form in a context of Industrial Design and deliver both sketches and blue foam version. 

  • use sketch storming and blue foam to exhaust the possibilities. 
  • be perfectionism
  • document them every step of the away

Check the reference Behance  link on the top | downhill abstraction