Portfolio Page Layout

A clean, uncluttered design allows design works to stand out, which would be consider as the main goal of any portfolio. It explains not only what is your final solution, also shows viewers how you think.

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Structure Analysis of A Binder Clip

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Procreate + Timelapse Recording | digital drawing Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtKHtJuy1TE Drawing Basics Ideation Sketch

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Cellphone Ideation

It's an ancient project from my former student in China. Before iPhone came to the market, many of the phone company were focus on improving the quality of a camera, resolution of a screen. Most designers were working on the trends or visual elements. That was from one those days. Still it's good to see the exploration on visual elements.

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It’s a Fan, NOT an AC

This is an ancient project. It was done around 2004. I could't believe it I could dig up some pictures to show the process. Although the visual language is outdated, the documents cover the major steps. I wasn't paying attention to document a project development process. This one survives only because I wanted to use it as an example in one of my book. So I keep telling my students, document, document, document. I learned this in a hard way

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Protected: Here’s Your Sign

First year studio is to build a solid foundation for further project development process, encourage students to achieve a skillful level of craftsmanship in the development. Here's a vacuum forming process.

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Protected: Decoding Form with Foams

The purpose of foundation studio is to break down the elements or considerations involved in the innovation process, into relatively isolated topic for students to get start with. here's the topic of form transition.

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