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2020 Electric Leaf Blower

Design Challenge 2A leaf blower is a really useful tool to use all year round in the garden, it can help you quickly clear away unwanted debris such as slippery…

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2020 Transition

Module 4In order to make a product functional, there’s many internal components such as a motor, printed circuit board, battery, impeller etc. or it might also have some outer parts,…

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2020 Toys’ Factory

Design Challenge 1Hand-eye coordination is the skill that enables the eyes to guide the hands in accurate movement. Good eye-hand coordination can help children in many different areas of life,…

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2020 Modular Polyhedron

Module 2Design and develop a metallic polyhedron that contains multiple identical units and each unit or modular should consist of no more than three kinds of pieces. This polyhedron should…

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2020 Manifestation Sign

Module 1A manifestation is something that is put into your physical reality through thought, feelings, and beliefs.In this case, the goal is to use visual language to make a sign,…

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AI-Presentation Drawing Step-by-step

Pencil+illustrator | digital drawing Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Ideation Reduce the opacity of rough sketches, use variable width profile stroke to redraw the light line…

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