Paper Pulp Clock

by belaDESIGN | Fei Zhang Prototyping Process shringkage of pulp fibers sink mark bubble on the surface transition fits Drawing Basics Ideation Sketch

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Rotate and Extreme Angle

freehand drawingLook at a reference image from one angle and draw from different angles.Rather than just copying what we see, the purpose of this exercise is to reconstruct what’s actually…

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Rotate and Exaggerate

Procreate | digital drawingUse a reference image to determine the basic structures. Construct basic Robo Bean blocks because it's a lot easier to image simple forms three-dimensionally than complex forms.…

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Robo Beans

Freehand drawingsRobo Bean ->Mannequinization -> PostureThe Robo Bean represents the body as simple boxes to help us find its orientation and visualize it as a 3D form. It would be…

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Line quality

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