It’s a Fan, NOT an AC

This is an ancient project. It was done around 2004. I could't believe it I could dig up some pictures to show the process. Although the visual language is outdated, the documents cover the major steps. I wasn't paying attention to document a project development process. This one survives only because I wanted to use it as an example in one of my book. So I keep telling my students, document, document, document. I learned this in a hard way

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Wood or Bamboo Kitchen Utensil

Project Description | 2012This project includes a series of chopsticks design, kitchen utensils, and housewares, in which bamboo is considered as the primary material.┬áthree series of bamboo housewares with different…

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Protected: Photo Booth

Project Description | 2019innobooth, is a photo-shooting product with Artificial Intelligence technology for capturing beautiful ID photos anytime. As technology has advanced, we have re-developed innobooth, continually upgradeing it in…

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Design of Power Bank

Project Description | 2013The design concept of this power bank is to provide users a gentle interface between objects with a high quality textile or wood. The Cap-ring mobile stand…

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