Diversification and Product Portfolio Composition

Business tend to build upon product portfolios and market all of them strategically. Be aware of the business strategy, use different lens to develop a set of designs to construct a product portfolio composition, try to zoom-in and zoom-out of the design scope during the process. Each design on a product line prioritize different aspects of user desirability, business viability and manufacturing feasibility.

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Work From Home

Create the design of a product for people working/learning from home to enhance not only their productivity but also their psychological and social experience.

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Challenge-Window Bird Feeder

Design a window bird feeder providing unrestricted viewing of wild birds from inches away. People could watch wildlife from the comfort of their home, office, or classroom, create memories with family and friends as it offers a crystal clear and close view of any wide birds.

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Protected: Here’s Your Sign

First year studio is to build a solid foundation for further project development process, encourage students to achieve a skillful level of craftsmanship in the development. Here's a vacuum forming process.

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Protected: Decoding Form with Foams

The purpose of foundation studio is to break down the elements or considerations involved in the innovation process, into relatively isolated topic for students to get start with. here's the topic of form transition.

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