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Warm-up Practice

Warm up – Let Your Unconscious Guide Your Hand

This is a warm up practice every time before beginning to sketch on a real project. Spend a little spare time whenever you can to draw completely free and without thought, just draw whatever shapes and forms pop into your head, let your hand, not your mind, lead the way and don’t spend too long on each shape, just capture its essence and move on. Certainly, don’t worry about making each sketch look really good! The idea with the exercise is that you will slowly start to feel more comfortable letting your unconscious guide your hand.


Without the pressure of designing anything, Warm up your hand to build your own visual library in the context of Industrial Design. Don’t try too hard to make a perfect sketch that explains everything. Leave a little room for interpretation. Every time you’ll see very interesting things in your sketch that you haven’t notice before and it will become your own inspiration book.