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Practicing Different Styles

Procreate | digital drawing

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Daily Practice

Practicing Different Styles

Make conscious effort to learn and to use a wide range of drawing styles.  It is up to a designer to be able to sketch any form or vision, and adapt his/her style to that and not expect a project to fit around what he/she is able to draw easily. A key ingredient of creative mindset is the enthusiasm for taking inspiration from a wide range of sources, and especially the readiness to seek inspiration from outside the professional field. This was me to push myself to try different styles. But I have to admit, I constantly made some changes on forms too along the way, old habit. The goal here is not to become a clone, but to learn new ways to communicate visually. Ultimately, everything  you learn will blend and be incorporated into your own personal style.


Put pen to paper as often as possible. Try to adopt different styles, rendering skills and techniques without  having to simultaneously create your own designs, which could be less stressful. Enjoy the process, either painting from real life or other field, and these are both valuable skills for a designer at presentation time and it is always fresh and inspiring to look at. 

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