Page Composition


Tips for Page Layout of Ideation Drawing

What is the Content

explain your design proposal

  • What is it–> the basic setting or the architecture of the design, different angles, close-up, cross section, details and notes.
  • How it works or How to use it —> storyboard, ergonomic analysis, user flow diagram, arrows to indicate the flow.
  • How would it be made–> exploded view, parts and accessories.
  • What’s the material–>notes (high-light, grouping to draw attention)
  • Constantly think of the manufacturing process and its cost->Explore options, be aware of the constraints
  • Exhaust possibilities-> sculpt the surface to create a logic fit between form and function
  • Use quick prototyping to assist design thinking

Get it Right

  • Pick optimal angles to give a clear explanation
  • Include a few side views on the corner of the page.
  • Get the proportion right–>use construction line and simple geometry to setup reference line,  reference plain and reference point

Make it Better

  • Composition flow–>determines how eyes is Led through a design
  • Hierarchy –> dominate image, subordinate image(explain how to use sth, cross-sections, etc) —-Changing Size of drawings, grouping related items, add notes, could create primary focus.
  • Dynamic result–> change orientation, Axis, angles, use 3-pint drawing to create dramatic feelings, add storyboard, thumbnail drawing of your inspiration,  an analysis of ergonomic, different variation on details, grouping or add a background to related images, have some overlay.