Daily Practice 

Design Anatomy

This practice is intended to give an in-depth analysis or study of existing product,  use explanatory sketch as a tool to map out all the research findings, understand the reasons behind the scenes, give it a certain “depth” and a background story. Additionally, applying the drawing skills to conduct research will help to develop a habit of self-learning. 

Objective ( Assignment )

Take an in-depth look at existing products, break a whole design into smaller design components and design elements, and use an explanatory sketch to study usage scenarios,  inspirations, internal components, assembling, material choice, manufacturing process, and even a backstory.

Click here for Ekstrem and assembling video of Bold Chair

Click here for Cane-line and the process of traditional rattan furniture

Special thanks to Prof. Warren Ginn! He provided valuable information about the manufacturing process and made the cross section schematic diagram for Spun chair.

Click here for TON handcrafted for generation

Click here for Dyson technology and showroom Deep dive